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Sex Revive Module 1 Self
When you want to work and change your sex life, it is helpful to start with Self. That's because understanding ourselves is a major key to understanding sex.
Part 1 of the 8 Module Sex Revive Masterclass (purchased separately from the Masterclass Bundle). 
  • Online combined therapist and self directed program

  • Quizzes and Assessments to guide you with the concepts

  • Includes a 25 minute phone session with Dr. Terrell to support you in meeting your personal goals.

  • Topic videos Introduction to why understanding your Self will help you heal and change your sex life.

  • Introduction and discussion of the 5 stages of Understanding your Self/Awakeness. 

  • Exercises to practice an "inside focus" and become aware of and "responsive" to the Inner Person Self.

  • Printable Handouts of the concepts

  • This waking to Self process is key to meeting your personal goals, improving your sex life, and having Contentment.

    $225 for a full year of access to the module and resources. Payment plan available.

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