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Therapy/Consultation Fees

Initial 50 min Consult:                                                            

$225 Day session (9am-5pm)

$250 Evening session (6pm-8pm) or Saturday session

Day Sessions between 9am - 6pm:                                    

$120/30 min; $225/50 min; $450/100 min; $675/150 min

Evening Sessions between 6pm - 8pm:                          

$130/30 min; $250/50 min; $500/100 min; $750/150 min

Saturday Sessions

$250/50 min

Optional SEABI assessment:                                                

$200 per person

Since my specialty often involves intensive work with high distress situations, if I am able—I may allow the session to continue past the scheduled time.  This is dependent on my schedule, your schedule, and appropriateness of extending the session.  If a session goes overtime, I charge by taking the total time in and out divided by 50 minutes. Please note that it is my policy to do one of the following:


1) Alert you by saying “we are out of time” and ask if you would like to keep going (schedule permitting) or reschedule.

2) If the session is dealing with intense and urgent matters, I may not interrupt but keep engaged in the work of the session.  The session statement will document the actual length of the session.

3) If you do not wish to be charged for extra session time, it is your responsibility to say so and to assist in closure of the session and rescheduling to continue the work.

4) Phone conversations that last more than 10 minutes will be subject to service charges at the usual rates.

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