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Infidelity | Affair Recovery

What is an Affair?

Sometimes called "cheating" or infidelity—An affair takes place when an individual in a marriage or committed relationship has sexual contact and/or inappropriate emotional relationship to someone other than their partner.  


In other words, an affair is a betrayal of the agreement you have with your partner.


While an affair doesn’t necessarily have to be the end of a relationship, it very well may be if both partners do not put in the time or effort to heal and grow their relationship.

Adultery or infidelity does not always signal the end of a relationship. Dr. Lisa Terrell offers a program for affair recovery that utilizes couples therapy, individual counseling, and a structured process that has helped many couples heal and go on to enjoy a stronger, more functional relationship.


The Handbook For Betrayal Recovery outlines the steps to help couple's work through what is often a painful process to achieve healing and growth and build back trust in the relationship.


Couples who schedule and attend an initial consultation for affair recovery receive complimentary Handbooks. You may also purchase the handbook without scheduling an appointment.  The fee is $25.  If you decide to attend an initial consultation you will be credited the purchase price towards that first session.

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