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Sex Therapy

Get the sex life you want!  

"Most of my clients go from trepidation to enjoyment of our sex therapy sessions, and those who are willing to learn and change their thinking about sex, make the most progress in getting a better sex life!"

Dr. Lisa Terrell



Here's what Sex Therapy is all about:

  • Teach you how and what to talk about to make sex better

  • Help you once and for all relax, enjoy sex more and be content with your sexual experiences

  • Understand the habits and practices that ignite and sustain passion

  • Let go of dread, shame, and dysfunctions—yes, you won't need that word again

  • Be able to keep your word and live your values in your sexual experiences

  • Answer the "incompatibility dilemma" permanently

Four ways to ease into Sex therapy:

Schedule a complimentary phone consultation with Dr. Terrell

Read Dr. Terrell's Book : Boat. River. Person. Journeys to Awakeness in Life, Relationships, and Sex

Take the Find Your Self Quiz

Enroll in the Sex Revive Masterclass

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