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The Sex Rx Workshop
Help for Healing of sexually related Pain, Trauma, Anxiety, and dealing with Medical Issues

What's included:
  • Online combined therapist and self directed program

  • Tools and Strategies for self support and success on your journey to heal and grow healthier.

  • Keys to unlocking your experiences that have caused you Pain, Trauma, Anxiety, and Suffering.

  • Discover the most important principle for healing and growth.

  • A 25 minute consultation phone call with Dr. Terrell.

  • Sexual Confidence Index Assessment that allows you to understand and heal from your negative experiences.

  • Quick start guidance on where to start on the path of healing your sexuality and sex life.

  • Practices and exercises for healing the Body, Mind, and Self connection. 

    $225 for a full year of access to the program and resources. Payment plan available.

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