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Why Choose a Specialist?

If you have come to my website, you likely are seeking help for your self and or your partner.  I know that it may be very stressful to even reach out to me.  People seeking marriage or sex counseling often are under a lot of stress and it's impacting their day to day life to the point that the weight of the problems seem too much to bear.  
There are many therapists who see A to Z issues.  
And then there is me.
As an advanced clinician I have experience with individuals and couples of all types, and have extensively studied and developed a new way to look at sexuality.
As a specialist, I can offer you:
Speed of improving.  I practice developmental and process therapy which allows us to work at the core of your issues from the first session.
Effective and practical changes that you will begin to put in place starting at our initial session.
Discreet and easy ways to talk about your most anxiety provoking thoughts and issues.  It's hard to talk about marriage problems and sexual issues.  I will help you.
A new framework and language to help you and your partner talk in a new way about your relationship and sex.  I understand couples and how couples get happy and healthy.  I am an experienced sex therapist and I have helped many individuals and couples get a better sex life.
I welcome your questions and I hope to help you get started on your "new" relationship right away. 
Dr. Lisa Terrell
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