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Interpersonal Function is the most valuable commodity in therapy. Function means that you feel you have a “say so”— that your thoughts, feelings, needs, wants and desires matter and you articulate your “say so” clearly.

Dr. Lisa Terrell
Relationship and Sex Therapist

Welcome to my speciality practice!  


I offer expert help to highly distressed relationships, to those who "just want to be happy", have a good sex life, or heal from painful conflicts and crisis.


I work with couples and individuals through process, growth, and educational therapy to transform emotional and intimacy skills to help people get the relationship they want.  


The therapy and resources I make available to my clients is the culmination of my life work and passion which I have made my mission statement:


To alleviate suffering in relationships and sexuality


Dr. Lisa Terrell

Transformative counseling and sex therapy for individuals and couples. 


Specializing in


  • Crisis stabilization

  • Personal development

  • Couple dynamics

  • Intimacy work

  • Distressed marriage

  • Infidelity

  • Problems with sex

  • Porn problems

  • Discernment Counseling



Dr. Lisa’s knowledge and experience has spurred her development of the online programs at and practical techniques that help transform relationships and sex lives.


She is the author of Snow People World: Healthy and Happy Relationships and Boat. River. Person. Journeys to Awakeness in Life, Relationships, and Sex.


Lisa lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband Rick.  She has two grown sons.

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