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Relationship and Sexuality Therapy

A word from Dr. Terrell


As an experienced couple's therapist I understand how hard it can be to start the process of counseling, and how especially hard it can be when one partner doesn't really want to go to counseling.

I often suggest that we treat that first session as a "Consultation" where each partner and I consult together to decide if we will be a good fit.   A goal of mine is to make sure each person is wanting to be in therapy and understands how counseling will help.  This applies for individual counseling as well.


I have extensive experience with the following situations:

Couples Crisis, Distress

I help you shift directions in your relationship and get to a healthier relationship quickly.

Intensive Individual and Couples Work

I help you find your strengths and move out of a feeling of powerlessness. Intensive sessions are helpful to learn smart dating strategies for singles, and avoiding divorce for couples.

Happy and Healthy Partnership

Find out how to be truly happy as a couple.

Intimacy Issues

Feel much closer and connected.


Quit worrying about sex and find deep enjoyment and pleasure instead.


Settle the porn issue once and for all!

Infidelity, Affairs

Determine if the relationship can heal. Stop worrying about your relationship.  Feel trusting and secure.

Discernment Counseling

Not sure if counseling will help?  Discernment counseling will help you determine if Couples/Marriage counseling is likely to work, and help you decide if you want to work on your relationship.

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