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If you scored Spontaneous in your Intimacy Skills, it is likely that:

*You feel sex is a need, and you want to be careful not to become lazy

*You often think about whether you feel loved and desired by your partner

*You keep a pretty close watch on how often you and your partner have sex

*Gaps in sexual activity causes anxiety for you.  Sexual activity provides relief

*You try to spark sex or sexual feelings as often as you can (for self or partner)

*You seek "Turn on's" and work on satisfying your partner

*You like to discuss "turn on's" and what you like or need (or you like your partner to discuss)

If you scored Spontaneous, it is likely that you and your partner argue about sex, and or have come to a gridlocked argument (always the same disagreement) about sex.  

One partner may begin to actively avoid sex.

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