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If you scored Responsive on the quiz, it is likely that:

*Your interest in understanding sex and in learning a different lovemaking style has been ignited

*You have a kind attitude towards a problematic or Latent sexual history

*You are in transition to becoming happy in your relationship and sexuality

*You are beginning to understand and work on your intimacy skill

*You feel you know how to create and sustain intimacy

*You understand and engage your personal erotic story

Responsive Intimacy Skill Alert:  Often in order to become Responsive, it takes a crisis.  Sometimes this level is nick named the "fed up" stage.  Many people advance to this new stage when they fall into deep despair about their sex life.

If you or your partner scored Responsive, it is likely that your relationship is undergoing growth and change.  Distressed Relationships are healed by working in a Responsive way through problems.

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