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What are the acts to be avoided for safe sex with a prostitute?

Basic and simple, creating basic limits and boundaries is much important when doing sex with anyone.

· Not using a condom while doing sex is such a stupidity- so it is a must that you should not avoid condoms during sex. Avoid unprotected sex by using good-quality condoms.

· Avoid unhygienic sex - unhygienic sex is not good because it leads to unwanted infection .it will create a problem for you proper intimate cleaning is important.

· Avoid intimacy and sexual contact with prostitutes suffering from sexually transmitted diseases - if you are making sexual contact with them then this lead to transmission of disease in you also .not only HIV and aids many diseases can be spread through sexual contact so be aware while making sexual contact with any prostitute.

· Don't believe in myths - condoms protect you from STDs this is a high myth. So don't believe in them. It is risky. Once a week is a common baseline for a human to indulge in sex so avoid excess indulgence it only leads to addiction. Sexual desires are typically hired in men compared to women so try to control your hormones and desire.

· Avoid developing feelings for prostitutes: avoid the development of feelings while having sex with a prostitute.

So keep in mind these things and have safe sex and enjoyable sex. When having sex with a prostitute, avoid being drunk because it is hard to trust prostitutes as they are not emotionally attached to you. There are chances of being looted or activities that can ruin your identity.

The next most important thing to keep in mind is to check all the terms and conditions of and information of the company and the prostitute you are hiring.

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