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Sex Revive Masterclass

This self paced masterclass offered by Dr. Terrell will help you start, restart, or reset your sex life and along the way increase your understanding of yourself, your relationships, and your wisdom.


Who is the class for?

Anyone single or partnered who wants to change their sex life, better understand their sexuality and access their own personal wisdom.

What is offered in the class

This 10 Module masterclass offers an online self help program for your sex life.

quick start video here

What's Awakeness Got To Do With It?

Awakeness means aliveness. As in when we wake up and begin to know our "Inner Self" we begin to be more alive and present to our wisdom and lives.

Using the metaphor illustration of a boat on a river with a person, Dr. Terrell guides us to own and pay attention to our lives from the inside out.

Using eight foundational topics that she uses in sex and relationship therapy, she guides us to find our own wisdom. Wisdom that will heal and reset our sex lives.

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