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Journey to Contentment

What's Contentment Got to Do With It?

Contentment is not a place you arrive.  It is a way of handling life.  The contentment journey is about finding contentment in the inner world of your mind and body.  Your mind and body are all yours.  Who is the "yours"?  That is your "Self"!

The model of the Journey to Contentment (JTC) uses five different stages to help you find how you are developing your Self.  

You are invited to use the map to take the journey—Find your Self.


What is Contentment?

Contentment is an inside us quietness that fills our body and mind.  This stillness and peace brings a clear knowing that we are okay and belong in this time and place.  It is a personal confidence in our “okayness” and worthiness.  Since it is something that happens in our Inner Self, and not dependent on anyone or anything around us, it gives us great power.  When we tune into this confidence, we can quit trying to get the world to show us we are okay.  In fact, the unhappiness, difficulty, or crisis in our life will be more tolerable if we start from that okayness that is inside of us.


How does Contentment help me?

The Journey to Contentment (JTC) is a model that provides a road map for navigating and overcoming difficulty in Relationships and Sexuality.

The Journey to Contentment shows us why our relationship isn't working and why our sex lives are a problem.

Most importantly, it points us to what we can do to heal our pain and reset our relationships, sexuality, and sex lives.

Performance Self


Performance of roles and standards important


Self regard based on Performance including attractiveness


Regard for others based on chemistry, attractivenss, and assistance with performance
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