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Who is this class for? Any person or couple who wants to better understand their Self, relationships, sexuality, and sex. This masterclass is program that uses personal, relationship, and sex therapies in an educational, therapeutic, and interactive format. The online format allows you to work at your own time and pace, focus on the topics that interest you and choose the level of help you need to meet your personal goals. This is a 6 month "work at your own pace" class. This masterclass will take you through eight aspects of healing and nurture of a "contented sex life". Through Dr. Terrell's topic videos, personalized support, new ways of talking about sex, frameworks, graphs, and assessments you will get a clearer picture of what you are doing well and where you can improve. Specific exercises will help you learn new skills with or without a partner. Here's what's provided: *A comprehensive program to evaluate, learn, heal, inspire, and grow your sex life. *8 Modules covering Wise Self, Relationships, and Healthy Sexuality *2 Specialty Modules covering painful sex and medical conditions *1 Trauma Recovery Workshop *Topic videos. Each module contains videos where Dr. Terrell discusses the important concepts of the program. *Quizzes that help you understand how the information relates to you *Journal sections with Journal prompts *Exercises are outlined to help you try the concepts of the Module *Printable handouts, graphs, illustrations, and worksheets to help you check your understanding and get recommendations *3 30 min online session with Dr. Terrell. Can be scheduled anytime (based on normal business hours) within the 6 month window of the program) Payment plan available

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